Four countries pledge more than $215 million to improve healthcare systems in Myanmar

Four countries pledge more than $215 million to improve healthcare systems in Myanmar

The United States, Switzerland, Sweden and the United Kingdom have collectively committed more than $215 million to improving the health of the most vulnerable in Myanmar through the UNOPS-managed Access to Health Fund.

In Myanmar, people in hard to reach places and conflict zones are more likely to experience poor health outcomes. 

Rea Bonzi, Board Chair, Access to Health Fund commented:

“Despite making great leaps forward in the past few years, the health system in Myanmar faces great challenges in reaching its most vulnerable populations.


“From those who live in remote or conflict-affected areas, to those who face enormous stigma in reaching services – Access to Health Fund aims to support the government and ethnic health organizations to reach everyone.”

Statistics show that approximately 48,000 children and 1,900 pregnant women die each year in Myanmar, while one in three children are stunted.

These four countries have worked to pool funding for Myanmar’s health sector. The Access to Health Fund will function from January 2019 until the end of 2023.

Access to Health supports the achievement of Universal Health Coverage by 2030 and aligns with Myanmar’s health goals and priorities.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Sports and other health organisations, Access to Health Fund is working to implement interventions based on lessons from the 3MDG Fund and address the issues.

The Fund aims to concentrate on conflict-affected areas. However, challenges for many government health providers may arise due to limited and/or poor quality health services.

Anders Frankenberg, Head of Office for Sweden:

“People living in 3MDG-supported townships have a better chance to access the quality healthcare that they need – not just to survive, but to thrive. Women have healthier, safer pregnancies with good nutrition and family planning services, and their babies are given the best chance at life.”

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Photo Credit: UNOPS

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