AFRICA24 MEDIA is the Pan-African media agency that connects the world with content, production resources and information about Africa. AFRICA24 MEDIA produces feature stories, series programs, documentaries, films and photography. We have established partnerships with top international media organizations that we supply with audio-visual products. Our ability to provide quality professionals for any kind of video or photography venture in Africa, keeps AFRICA24 MEDIA in the rolodex of media organizations everywhere. Our stringer/fixer network cuts across the continent.

    With products designed specifically for mobile distribution, websites, publications, as well as a variety of TV formats, AFRICA24 MEDIA serves the needs of broadcasters, media agencies, mobile service providers, corporates, foundations, government agencies and freelance journalists. We also have rich and relevant archive content.

    Our timely online content bulletins includes news and event planners and updates on the Africa Journal program, which showcases personalized stories that promote a positive narrative of our continent.

    With seasoned professional staff and relationships with media veterans, AFRICA24 MEDIA provides quality training in disciplines ranging from television production to multi-platform, writing for TV to Pan-African storytelling.
    So if you are a broadcaster, journalist, producer, corporate or stringer, get in touch and we can work together! 

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