ADS, Inc.

ADS, Inc.
ADS, Inc. is a leading solutions provider that proudly serves those who serve others. We work side-by-side around the world with government and non-government organisations, building efficient, effective solutions to urgent, complex problems.

    We are dedicated to actively seeking out our customers’ equipment and logistics challenges and delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions that enhance their ability to complete their mission. Empowering our customers to serve people in need – at home and around the world – is not only our passion, it is the embodiment of our mission. When the right equipment is tough to find and even tougher to deliver, we can help. You have complex problems that don’t always have ready-made answers. We work hand-in-hand with you to create a solution. We’ll leverage our expertise and our global partner network to provide access to the largest product and service selection available. We will also provide you with a broad array of contract options for fast, efficient procurement and ensure all the logistics support required to deliver your equipment when and where you need it.

  • Berg Containerized, Expandable Shelter

    Berg Containerized, Expandable Shelter

    2S2 is an energy efficient, light weight, rapidly deployable shelter. It is a robust structure that meets ISO standards and has 9 high stacking capability. Panel strength and durability are the result of SIP construction utilizing closed cell polyurethane foam, polypropylene honey comb core and fiberglass skin. Deployed units have an insulated R-Value of 15. E2S2 base structure can be fully integrated with electrical, plumbing, communication, security and climate control features based on customer requirements. Designed and produced in the USA.

  • Janz Corporation Advanced Life Support Monitor/Response Kit

    Janz Corporation Advanced Life Support Monitor/Response Kit

    The Janz Advanced Life Support Monitor/Response Kit was designed as a versatile medical response kit with the equipment you need to quickly respond, evaluate and provide treatment. The ALS-001K low profile backpack includes the rugged and ready Philips FR3 AED and MP2 Patient Monitor packaged in individual kits that can be detached from the bag for quick deployment.

    The backpack also clam shells open completely to be hung as a panel in a vehicle or aid station. Additional medical equipment pouches can be attached to the ALS-001K allowing for personalised set up for multiple role responders. The ALS-001K powerful, lightweight MP2 Monitor and FR3 AED allows for advanced monitoring and defibrillation in a very compact space, perfect for medics in challenged and austere environments.

  • ZeroBase Microgrid

    ZeroBase Microgrid

    ZeroBase is the leading innovator in renewable and hybrid distributed power products, specialising in remote off-grid systems that deliver power to some of the most rugged locations on the planet. ZeroBase solutions reduce the cost and risk of fossil fuel dependence for government andcommercial customers, including the U.S. Department of Defense.

  • ADS, Inc. | Humanitarian Solutions

    Empowering our customers to serve people in need around the world is not only our passion, it is the embodiment of our mission. ADS team members work side by side with NGOs, the United Nations, host governments and community leaders to solve problems for our customers in real time. We leverage our deep in-house knowledge and longstanding relationships with more than 3,000 industry-leading suppliers, to aggregate solutions to your challenges around the world.

  • ADS | Our History & Values

    A brief look into the History & Values of ADS.

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